How to brak up with your girlfriend before football season - lead - HLG Studios/YouTube

Chaos Comedy Presents - Series Lead - Geaux Films/Continuum Motion PIctures

Operation Repo (Episode 1008) - Guest Star - TrueTV

Killer Sharks (Discovery/Shark Week) - Supporting - Phillip Lott

The Education of Eddie and Mortimer (Pilot) - Co Star - TBD/Pitch

Strips (Pilot) - Principal - Web

Turkey Bacon (Pilot) - Principal - Web

Burn Notice (Episode 414) - Co-Star - USA Television


Earthquake Envy - Justin Memovich

Tarot: A Documentary Love Story - Vincent Maeder

Mobbed Up - Supporting - Harvey Keith

The Things We Leave Behind - Supporting - Justin Memovich

Temptation - Supporting - Blake Woolwine

The Awakened  - Lead - Douglas Villalba/Lou Simon

Best Man - Co-Lead - Kyle Devero

Patch - Lead - Daniel Estrada

Hidden Agenda - Supporting - Quinton Mack

Anecdote of an Abusive Alcoholic - Lead - David Haines

Girls Gone Dead - Featured - Michael Hoffman/Aaron Wells

The Killing of a Japanese Bookie - Supporting - Howard Krowitz


Extended Stay America - Principal - Noah Nunzio

Gatorade - “The Inside Edge” - Featured - Gary Shore

Univision (Multiple) - Multiple Hero/Principal - Multiple 

*Additional credits/conflicts available upon request   


Chaos Comedy – Target’s “BullseyeU” Live Stream and shows in Hollywood/NoHo include: Comedy central stage, Avery Schreiber Theatre, Mirror Theatre, Artworks Theatre, ACME Comedy, The Clubhouse, Whitmore-Lindley, The Schreiber Playhouse. Directed by Paul Storriale


Jocelyn Jones Studio (LA) – Jocelyn Jones 

Art of Acting Studio (LA) – Ron Burrus, Jane Fleiss

Upright Citizens Brigade (LA) – Casey Feigh – Improv 101 

Burt Reynolds Institute of film and theatre - sherman roberts

Miami Acting Studio - Ralph Kinnard

Jessica Porter - Creating Character 

Regina Pasquarello – Improvisation

Timothy O’Keefe – Scene Study 

Special Skills/Dialects:

Proficient with Healthcare/Legal/Financial Dialogue, Teleprompter, Host, Presenter, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Weight Lifting,
Track and Field, Soccer, Lacrosse, Racquetball, Golf, Guitar, Boston, Hispanic,
New York, Southern