Feature Screenplays:

- Black Sox & Full Pockets - Historical Fiction/Dark Comedy

Two inept old friends reunite and go up against the mob to pull of the heist of the century in the wake of the infamous Black Sox scandal of 1919

- Ghost Society Team Club - Action/Comedy/Ensemble

A group of amateur Ghost Hunters stumble upon a haunted mansion and must overcome their own demons to accomplish their mission.

- The Pre-History of the Post-Apocalypse - Action/Ensemble/Dark Comedy

A group of unfit survivalists embark on a journey to save their town in the wake of the Apocalypse.

Spec Scripts:

- Rick & Morty "Morty's Game" http://www.reddit.com/r/rickandmorty/comments/37vvnq/rick_and_morty_mortys_game_spec_script/

Webseries: "How to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Before Football Season" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlZRGsXXVdjC24CJWB-XsMX-isNIryv4D

Short film "Earthquake Envy":


Additional Sketches:


A select few of my weekly College Football blogs for Lostletterman.com:

- http://www.lostlettermen.com/article/niks-picks-college-football-bowl-betting-guide-spectacular



http://www.lostlettermen.com/article/niks-picks-college-football-week-7-betting-guide (My fav)

Other writing samples including web series, sketches and shorts are available upon request.